Lion – at Home!!!

🍀💗 Te Amo Mi Unusually Perfect Lion 🍀

Our little Lion is finally in owner’s hands !!! Looks like the kid will always have his fair share of kisses !!! I wish you, my boy, great happiness, success and victories, and excellent health !! I thank everyone who helped in the delivery of the pet Irina Ritter , Victoria, I thank Kamila Nevšímalová for her love for the baby !!!!!

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kennel TE AMO MI

Our dogs got excellent marks and descriptions!

We attended the event of the Absolute club “Individual Inspection” under the refereeing of the famous judge of RKF-FCI Ekaterina Senashenko.

We brought our young Petit Brabançon dogs and two pugs. All our dogs have received a decent description and admission to breeding work. The dogs of our breeding,  TE AMO MI MILAGROS ARABICA  (petit-brabancon, one-year-old female from our Jumik and Liza ,  as well as petit-brabancon 2 -year-old male  TE AMO MI JIU JITSU (from Katya and Walker), and him sister TE AMO MI JIGA JIGA ,  young one-year-old male petit-brabancon  TE AMO MI ORO DE LEY,  from Jumik and Toffee, one and a half-year-old female petit-brabancon  TE AMO MI IMPERIAL RUBY DIADEM , daughter of Toffee and Walker., and our graduate pug  TE AMO MI NIBELUNGEN AMULET  (Bobby x  Ltxie)  (age a little over a year), owner Polishchuk Aleksandr, was awarded an excellent description.Congratulations to our graduate and ourselves with a high the estimation of our breeding! Thank you, Ekaterina Senashenko!


Our graduate got a great description!

Te Amo Mi Rolls Royce

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, very few exhibitions are held. Our head organization RKF introduced a new form of obtaining breeding assessments – an individual description of a dog with admission to breeding work in a limited mode (for bitches one mating, for males three mating). Our graduate Te Amo Mi Rolls Royce – or whatever his name is at Mishan’s house, attended such an event under the judge of RKF FCI judge Yana Gavrilova and received a wonderful description with practically no flaws and with a lot of advantages. The “excellent” grade is Mishan’s first grade at nine months. We congratulate the owner Efremova Maria and are proud of the baby’s first successes!

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Lion found a family!

Te Amo Mi Unusually Perfect Lion

Our wonderful boy Lion, our handsome, found a magnificent family in the distant Czech Republic. This is the French Lilia kennel, breeder Kamila Nevšímalová. Very soon our baby will go on a long journey to a new family. We wish our baby great happiness and may his life be full of successes and victories!

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Everyone is happy! Machito, Marina and I!


Те Амо Мi Machiato

Our wonderful boy handsome Machito – Te Amo Mi Machiato – weighing three kilograms in his 9 months found a family! Marina and Machito, be happy !!