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Great news from Colombia, South America!

Te Amo Mi Golden Shaggy Bumblebee

SUPER happy after a great triple show weekend iOctober 1, 12, 2019 n Pereira, Colombia.
Our junior Te Amo Mi Golden Shaggy Bumblebee (aka MEGAS) made a great debut: 3xBOB Junior, 2xBOB, 2xBIG Junior 2 , 1x BIG Junior 3  , BIS 3 Brace together with CIB ISCH RW-16 Halastjornu Olof. Congratulations to the owner of Brynja Tomer !! 
Thank you for the appreciation of our junior honorable
d judges:
Mr David Ojalvo (Argentina)  Mrs. Maritza de la Vega (Mexico) Mr Oscar Riveros (Colombia)