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FERNANDO – CAC, Best Male, BOB – Bydgoszcz, 11-02-2017

Fernando BOB, Poland, Bydgoszcz, National Exhibition CAC!

!!!  FERNANDO – CAC, Best Male, BOB !!!!!!!!!
XIII Valentines Day Dog Show
National Dog Show (CAC) – Bydgoszcz, 11-02-2017
Magia Fiore Fernando Vientos De Cambio
CAC, Best Male, BOB !!!!!!!!!
Нonorable Judge expert Katalin Radvanszky
breeder – Елена Филиппова (Elena Filippova)
The owner – Елена Пузанова
Hendler – Валерия Вахонина
Photo Natalia Kazakova Leorays, thank you very much for the photo and for your support !!!
Thank you all !! Many thanks!!!
The first time we went to the exhibition of Fernando with his new handler. Tandem was successful, the first exhibition – and a brilliant result! Congratulations to our wonderful handler Valeria Vakhoninа, our Fernando, and all of us))))

«2017 NDSh(CAC)-Bydgoszcz. Fernando 2*CAC,2* Best Male, 2*BOB !»

XIII Valentines Day Dog ShowNational Dog Show (CAC) – Bydgoszcz, 11-02-2017Magia Fiore Fernando Vientos De CambioCAC, Best Male, BOB !!!!!!!!!

Опубликовано Еленой Пузановой 11 февраля 2017 г.